In 1998, James A. LeBeau founded Standard Capital, an Apartment & Commercial Real Estate Finance firm. Mr. LeBeau primarily engages in the origination, analysis, negotiation, and placement of commercial mortgage loans, including property acquisitions, permanent long-term debt, bridge loans, and construction financing on existing and proposed retail centers, apartment complexes, mixed-use urban developments, office buildings, industrial parks, self-storage facilities, golf courses, and full-service flagged hotels.

Clients (“the Borrower”) secure both fixed and variable interest rates. Clients range from familiar well-known families, to private individuals, to partnerships, to limited liability companies, to Corporations specifically set up for real estate ownership and development. Mr. LeBeau also assists clients on dispositions of assets, the timely review of their loan documents post-closing, the entitlement process, and securing construction draws during build-out phases.

From 1998 to 2008 Mr. LeBeau arranged, on behalf of borrowers, approx. $250 Million in commercial real estate loans in 85 transactions.  Locations included Oregon, Texas, Colorado and especially metro Tucson & metro Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  Mr. LeBeau currently focuses on the following finance transactions:  partnership creation, equity capital infusions, general partner buy-outs, GP buy-ins, construction lending, time-sensitive sponsorship re-structuring, and permanent debt + equity financing.  Properties range from 100 year old stable income-producing assets to raw land at the beginning of the development process.

Capital sources (“the Lender”) for these loans included life insurance companies, FNMA, Wall Street conduits, credit companies, foreign & domestic banks, and pension funds.  The average loan size or “sweet spot” was $3 Million from ‘98 – ‘08.  Standard Capital has access to quality and reliable Lenders for much larger commercial real estate loans.

From 2008 to currently (past 9 years), James spends most his time self-managing his commercial real estate in downtown Tucson, AZ. He bought out a partner who was failing to deliver in 2007. James took over day-to-day property management functions. He does all the leasing, pays the bills, collects the rents, and reports to his accredited investors that he assembled in 2003. Mr. LeBeau transformed empty 55,000 sq. ft. of warehouses into a bustling, thriving and cash-flowing arts & crafts hub with classic storage component during the worst of times, i.e., esp. during the great recession. Nowadays, Wildcat Storage is considered one of the coolest change-of-use properties in the entire southwest, thanks to Mr. LeBeau’s efforts and his private capital.

Prior to forming Standard Capital, in 1995-1998, Mr. LeBeau was a commercial loan officer for Keystone Capital in Tucson, AZ (which sold to GMAC then eventually sold to CBRE).  Prior to that, in 1994, he worked as an investment & commercial real estate marketing associate for Mullin Partners. He assisted the developer to calculate Internal Rates of Return (IRR’s) and to secure and develop new properties at the very beginning of the maximum influx of companies re-locating from out-of-State, and out-of-Country, to the then much smaller, but up-and coming, Scottsdale Airpark in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 1993, Mr. LeBeau received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Clemson University located in South Carolina, USA, and studied overseas in Munich, Germany for an additional international business emphasis during the one year accelerated MBA program. In 1992, Mr. LeBeau received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in philosophy with a double minor in political science & general business from Gonzaga University located in Spokane, Washington. In 1988, Mr. LeBeau graduated from Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, AZ. He is a native Arizonan who experienced metro Phoenix (Maricopa County) and Tucson (Pima County) go through much change. His desire is to help maintain a beautiful Arizona by preserving her best identity while simultaneously increasing her quality of life by blending the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ traditions of architecture into well-planned developments for each great city.

Mr. LeBeau is the Responsible Individual for Standard Capital’s Arizona Commercial Mortgage Broker license registered with the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (CMB-0929048), and is registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS).

He is a member of the Pima County Real Estate Research Council