Standard Capital® connects the commercial real estate Borrower with the appropriate Lender in the most efficient manner.

Standard Capital® is a Registered Federal Trademark owned by James LeBeau.  Standard Capital is a Commercial Mortgage Broker in Arizona, since 1998.


An affiliate, RJ Property Holdings, Manager is owned by James LeBeau.  RJ Property Holdings is operated by James as an Owner-Manager of  his cash-flowing, super-cool, commercial real estate portfolio located in downtown Tucson, Arizona.

James does the accounting & reporting; leasing & marketing; oversees capital improvement projects for each property; arranges the debt & equity of each company; AND works with legal, title, 3rd party vendors, and the necessary government agencies.


Increasing the Net Operating Income (NOI) and improving Downtown Tucson Storage LLC (“Wildcat Storage”) and R.J.P.H., LLC (“6th Avenue Lofts”) the past 15 years….



Mr. LeBeau also assists other commercial real estate / income-producing property owners’ financing needs.   Loan Amounts: $1 Million to $30 Million+.

Interest rates range change daily. Leverage, loan amount, cap rate, property quality, property type, sponsorship experience, owner’s liquidity, property operating history, and of course: location, location, location –all determine interest rate, so does the daily fluctuations of United States Treasury Bond Market.

Standard Capital® formed by James in 1998 is Registered Federal United States of America Trademark.

AZ CMB-0929048                              NMLS 182997 Company.